Creating LRGB images from color cameras

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Color sensors have blue, green and red pixels. Red pixels are also sensitive to infrared, and blue to ultraviolet. Those sensors can give good images with IR or UV filters. They won't be as good as with mono sensors, but still they can be of good quality. We can use that to do for example Ir-RGB images of planets.

Now I'll show you an example how to make an Ir-RGB image of Jupiter using two images made with DBK21 - color (Ir/UV cut) and Infrared (Baader Ir-pass). We need those two images, and the infrared should be processed like it was a color image. Below there are two images I'll use (the Ir image should be debayered, but I got it in such form):

Open GIMP and choose from the menu "Colors -> Components -> Decompose". This will make an mono image with 3 layers - Red, Green, Blue. In the layers tab choose single layer as visible and save every one as image (save visible layers). Only one layer should be visible at a time:
For infrared image save only Red layer (other are just noise). When you have all channels saved then you can use AstraImage, WinJUPOS or other software to combine them in Ir-RGB or other combination, like so (WinJUPOS and some gamma + levels):

Astronomy and Astrophotography, 27 December 2010

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