Final Fantasy XIV benchmarks and performance troubleshooting

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Final Fantasy XIV is a somewhat lightweight game. It work run well on lowest tier non-gaming hardware but it will run on some modern iGPU systems that allow for light gaming. If you are planning upgrades or some new purchases check the recommendations below:

  • CPU: The game uses multiple CPU cores and a quad core should be a minimum, but for any new purchases aim for 6-8 core CPU. Single core performance is also important so for new builds old AMD CPUs (Zen, Zen+ and older) and way older Intels are not recommended.
  • Laptop GPU/iGPU: The game can run at 1080p/720p on current best integrated graphics (Vega 7/8 in Zen 2 and Zen 3 or Intel Xe on Tiger Lake) but that's low settings and low framerate. If you want a laptop that will run the game at more than 30 FPS or on higher resolution aim at GTX 1660 Ti or RTX 3050 Ti/3060.
  • Desktop GPU: Same as on laptops you want a decent entry level/mid range GPU for 1080p/1440p FF14 gaming. AMD and Nvidia will work but due to shortages the prices are really bad. You can opt for AMD APU for 1080p low and add dGPU when prices drop.
  • RAM: barebone Windows + FF14 fit in 8GB of RAM but anything more and you really will want 16GB (and in dual channel mode). Note that some laptops and nettops have soldered memory so you will not be able to add more on your own.

For laptops in like first half of 2022 we expect new Intel and AMD chips that will bring new DDR5 memory as well as improved integrated graphics (RDNA2 based on Rembrandt Ryzens) so if you don't have to buy now you can wait at least till CES 2022 in January to see what new platforms offer. Existing laptops will see some sales so you can decide - buy something existing now or wait for next generation equipment.

On desktop Intel and AMD are neck and neck, with Intel i5 becoming the best value (Intel Alder Lake non-K is still to be released at the time of writing this article while AMD is cutting some prices on Zen 3 CPUs). Graphics cards are really hard to come by so some people are opting for Ryzen APUs to play on the iGPU and add dGPU later on. Some APUs can be bought as is but Zen 3 ones are pretty much only in pre-built PCs (which quality may vary).

Some pre-built PCs/nettops (small form factor) can have a entry level dGPU while still sanely priced - like a GTX 1660.



Games, 12 November 2021

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