Final Fantasy XIV quality presents impact on performance and visuals

FF14 has few quality presets - from Max to standard laptop. For the most part with increasing quality setting you get bit more detailed shadows and physics on other characters. In terms of performance this can have a significant impact on FPS if you are GPU limited:

Gridania Aetheryte - FPS for quality presets
Kholusia settlement - FPS for quality presets
Kholusia widefield view - FPS for quality presets

Gridania Aetheryte where a lot of players gathered is way more CPU limited than GPU and thus the difference is smaller. In open world the difference is pretty much double.

If you aren't hunting for a spectacular clip or screenshot it can be better to just lower the quality setting.


Final Fantasy XIV benchmarks and performance troubleshooting, 12 November 2021, Piotr MaliƄski

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