20 slot filter wheel in a QHY MiniCAM6F camera

On Facebook QHY showed photos of a new camera they are working on - miniCAM6F. This camera, just like ASI178MM is equipped with IMX178 and has a built in filter wheel that can hold 20 custom sized 12mm filters. The camera should be released in march 2017.

Just like previous MiniCAM5F it has a custom filter wheel that supports 12mm filters. QHY provides LRGB and narrowband filters. Other filters you will have to get on your own. There are no specific details on supported diameters and filter thickness for this filter wheel, but 12.5mm is mentioned as supported. Thorlabs or Edmund Optics offer filters in 11.6 - 12.6mm diameters with various, often big thickness (like 5mm or more). Custom filters of such size may be also available from companies like Chroma or Optolong.

Having 20 slots it's still possible to use all of them with Solar System filters - lunar petrographic filters, UV, CH4, narrowband IR filters, sodium Jupiter system cloud filters, comet filters and alike and you easily reach 20.

QHY MiniCAM6F camera

Astronomy and Astrophotography, 19 December 2016, Piotr MaliƄski

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