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Here you will find my astronomy observation logs, pictures and some interesting articles.

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20 slot filter wheel in a QHY MiniCAM6F camera2016.12.18
What about imaging sodium and sulphur clouds in the Jupiter - Io system?2016.10.02
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Lenses in DS astrophotography2016.05.15
Stackistry - new stacking application2016.05.03
GPCAMV2 color IMX224 planetary camera at a low price2016.04.11
Cheap guider and color planetary camera - QHY5R-II2016.04.11
Planetary cameras and equipment for 20162016.03.07
Custom astronomical filters from Chroma and Optolong2015.11.11
What can you expect from new cooled CMOS based cameras in DS astrophotography?2015.11.08

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