WoW pre-Shadowlands hardware news

We got some WoW and hardware related news and tips that showed up recently as well as some generic changes on the hardware market that may affect people purchase decisions in preparation for Shadowlands (or The Burning Crusade).

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Baader ASF - ready to use AstroSolar filters

Baader ASBF/ASSF/ASTF is an AstroSolar filter in a fitting provided by Baader. For people who do not want to make an AstroSolar fitting themselves, this may be an option worth choosing. In this article I will present this series using ASBF 50 as an example.

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Overview of PYNQ project offering FPGA capabilities to Python and data engineers.

FPGA is an chip that can be configured via a hardware programming language to make nearly any digital circuit. Hardware engineer can use them while Python developer can’t. But there is a distinct group of Xilinx FPGA based devices that can be used by software developers and data engineers, even with Python. This is possible thanks to PYNQ for Xilinx Zynq chips. In this article I'll showcase this platform and it capabilities.

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World of Warcraft on macOS Apple devices

Apple hardware is quite recognizable and quite unique. For gaming we have a different operating system, different GPU API and only a subset of PC hardware available when compared to the Windows ecosystem. Blizzard games like World of Warcraft are supported and in this article we will check out how the game performs.

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Quick start into GUI applications with PyQt5 and PySide2

Qt is a powerful framework for developing cross platform GUI applications. KDE Linux desktop environment uses it as well as many Open Source and commercial applications.

In this article I'll showcase how to use Qt in Python to make GUI applications (the very basics of it).

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Taking a look at a generic USB3 HDMI capture devices

Streamers, gamers and other often want to record their desktop or other digital video source. AMD and Nvidia support such features for their GPUs but there are times when the data can't be recorded on the main PC or is coming from another device. Dedicated HDMI capture devices like those from AVerMedia get the job done but aren't cheap either. There are however generic USB3 HDMI grabbers that claim to record 1080p or 4K at 60FPS. Lets take a look at one of such HDMI grabbers.

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Review of Eakins V6 microscope camera

Dedicated microscope cameras are often a stand-alone cameras that can output image directly to a display. More robust can also be connected to a PC. Something more than a webcam, yet still not a fully fledged digital camera. In this article I'll be looking at inexpensive Eakins V6 camera of such type.

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Quick look at stereo USB webcam and stereo vision

Stereo vision isn't something new. It can be used to get 3D data out of imaged scene which can have various usage cases in robotics, science and alike. Basic stereo vision kit would consist of two webcams mounted in one line with some distance from each other. Rarely you could find pre-built webcams of such type.

In this review I'll look at a stereo-webcam KYT-U200-SNF01ND that integrates two sensors into one output image that functions as one camera.

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