Baader sets 645 EUR for SBIG ST-i

Looking through Baader catalogue I've found the incoming SBIG planetary/guide camera ST-i priced at 645 EUR (mono or colour). This camera is equipped with Kodak KAI-340 CCD, which would be the first Kodak based "planetary" camera. The sensitivity is quite high, but not as high as currently used Sony ICX618. At 645 EUR ST-i would be the most expensive planetary camera (Basler Ace around 100 EUR less). At the moment there is no tests or reviews of this camera, and to be worth it SBIG camera must have very high gain (like in Basler, TIS cameras) and very high S/N ratio (like in DS cameras) as it's very slow so few frames must suffice.



Astronomy and Astrophotography, 12 April 2011, Piotr MaliƄski

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