Content module in Diamanda 2008

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The "Content" module in Diamanda is now under heavy development. Things I want to add are (comments, ideas are welcomed):

  • For the main page - "what's new?" box displaying a list of new and edited content/post/other entries (similar to Confluence "Recently Updated")
  • Boxcomments are out, content comments are a special forum topic per content entry (created at the first comment, ability to set forum for comment topics for every content entry and it children)
  • Default syntax is Markdown + CBC, however you can add HTML + CBC entries via the admin panel, or you can replace markdown with other markup library (user add/edit interface only for non-HTML type)
  • Attachment management - upload images, files and then insert in content (manages files from all SITE_IDs)
  • Edit proposals, new content proposals - normal user can edit or add content, however it has to be approved to go public (diff changes etc.)
  • More CBC (ContentBBCode) - create some useful CBC tags for tables, charts etc.


Diamanda Applications Set, 14 July 2008

Check out the new site at
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