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Get IMX174 and make it cheaper as a IMX249

IMX174 cameras offer low noise, vertical lines free images at very high framerates with global shutter. Point Grey or Basler cameras with those sensors are now in use mostly for solar imaging, but some also use it on planets. High quality and performance comes at a cost. Grasshopper 3 camera with IMX174 costs around $1300 which is around 4 times the price of cameras like ASI120MM, QHY5L-II or PGR Blackfly similar cameras.

Sony announced a new sensor IMX249, which also showed up on Point Grey Blackfly camera list. Instead of 162 FPS there is up to 41 FPS, but the price may be even less than half of the Grasshopper 3 price. Sensor performance is expected to be very similar to IMX174.

Sony used a new technology to make the IMX174 global shutter - so called Pergius. To use global shutter and get low noise without sacrificing pixel well depth an analog memory was added to every pixel. When readout is perform the charge from pixel is shifted to the memory and then processed - by CDS and then by the A/D converter.


Astronomy and Astrophotography, 31 October 2014, Piotr Maliński

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