High gain values in Point Grey Firefly cameras

Francesco, a French astrophotographer dig deep into Micron sensor documentation and he found some informations about gain values supported by the sensor used in Point Grey Firefly 0.3 camera (available very cheap on ebay). It turns out that this camera may offer higher gain values making it easier to use.

The issue have been reported to Point Grey and support for higher gain values may show up in a future Firefly firmware release. At the moment there are few alternative solutions proposed by Francesco.

The first one is to record 16-bit image as SER file, and then convert it to 8-bit AVI in PIPP. Second that also can be used with the SER solution is to write a higher gain value into the camera analog gain register. Just open the camera in FireCapture and then open Flycap2 - only setting, no image preview. In the gain register write "7F" (for hex 820).

PGR Firefly before gain increase
PGR Firefly after gain increase

Astronomy and Astrophotography, 22 December 2012, Piotr MaliƄski

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