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How to start playing The Lost Vikings in Heroes of the Storm

The Lost Vikings, or TLV for short are one of those unique and high skill cap heroes you can pick in Heroes of the Storm. How do you play with three mini-heroes at once?

In this article I'll introduce The Lost Vikings as Heroes of the Storm heroes and showcase my Vikings playstyle, which may be good on it's own or a way to learning 3-lane micro-management playstyle.

Vikings introduction

We get three Vikings and each one has unique abilities:

So we have a tank, a specialist and a sniper. They can work together but the meta way to play them is to actually split them and operate in multiple places at once. That requires a lot of micromanagement and game awareness. This is why many people see TLV as the hardest, most demanding heroes to play.

At the moment Vikings aren't very strong. Their high win ratio is mostly due to low amount of new players versus old and experienced playing them. TLV are high risk - high reward type of heroes and the skill cap is very hight for a reason.

Controlling Vikings

You can control single Viking by selecting him or by picking 1, 2 or 3 on the keyboard 4 is for all. You can also select two of them. Vikings don't have a mount but their Z ability makes them move faster for a short period of time. The bigger the Viking, the slower he will be.

Vikings typical gameplay

If you have a Viking on every lane within dying minions range you collect all the minion experience that can be collected. That's the main advantage of having Vikings on the team - provide high level advantage that will crush the enemies. But that doesn't always work as the enemy may start finding and killing Vikings - which may be easy if you are not paying attention ;)

As an Abathur player I had at least few games against TLV that were aggressive on the passive and hidden soaking. Even with bush shooting to find them they collected so much experience that I couldn't match. But in the end - one good late team fight and the advantage may be gone. TLV win if they don't allow late game.

If the lane is taken by your team mates you don't have to keep a Viking there as no matter how many heroes are in range of minions - the amount of experience you can get is fixed.

There are however other ways you can play Vikings. Instead of somewhat passive gameplay you can use them as a group. This doesn't require splitting your attention on multiple lanes, and as a group (still micro managed a bit) you can and have to do much more than casual lane pushing and soaking. One Viking isn't strong, but as a group they can win a lane against many heroes when one vs TLV. With some talents they can be good at offence in team fights. They won't be Illidan, but still with good management they can stun, hit and snipe heroes, tank some damage with Olaf, rush with Longboat and more.

Vikings can be on multiple lanes and can easily take camps

TLV can pretty much turn off Murky early game. In mid and late game Murky can still keep dying where as TLV can't and that's make them harder to play.

Guerilla strategy for group TLV gameplay

As a disclaimer - I'll show my idea on playing Vikings. I do that on Quick Matches so with random teams and often against a bazylion of assassins like Li Ming, KaelTas, Nova or Zeratul. And it still works ;) 58 games with 55,2% win rate isn't bad. Experienced TLV players with experienced team mates may achieve more by using established best strategies, that they mastered with their godly micromanagement.

What to do?

So if you play as a group what should and can you do? Lets start with general gameplay options:

Vikings can solo a temple with ease

TLV can control a lane against some if not many heroes, even Azmodan. The key is to be very mobile, do a back and forth attacks so that Baleog splash damage does it job and tank with Olaf

And camp taking:

Vikings can allow efficient splits when taking seeds, dragon shrines or even to some extent - bosses. TLV + one DPS seems quite efficient

Longboat is an escape and offensive ability at the same time. You buy some time and do damage.

Team fights, securing map objectives is something TLV should participate if they can. You can't rush on the first line, but you must be there to help when needed. With proper talents and dodging Vikings can actually be useful.

Vikings have normal respawn times so they shouldn't die completely mid/late game. When you take the The Sequel! some kill-trading is ok. If you are low on HP with cooldowns with no healer - leave TF and go to lanes/camps.

Large and In Charge makes Olaf jump and stun an enemy. That's a superb gank and surprise attack

Vikings look like easy target. This can be used to bring fresh meat to your friends.

Vikings with Longboat and stun can spread havoc quite nicely


Here is my talent pick:

It's risky but making hero overextend for an easy Viking kill may end up badly for them

Some games

Zeratul, Nova, Li Ming, KaelThas and others aren't that bad for Vikings. Yes, they can annihilate them, but it's your responsibility to keep them safe ;) And it's actually doable. Check some of my end game results. Playing QM usually ends up in assassins teams so you will have a lot of games to practice...

versus Zeratul and Nova versus mages

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