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Idea for future WoW leveling and world design

There was some talk on future of levels and leveling in World of Warcraft during Blizzcon as well as some ideas and comments from WoW content creators like Thete or Preach. Taking the opportunity I want to show my idea on how leveling and in bigger picture expansions could look like. Looking to hearing your opinions too!

WoW Legion
WoW Legion

Legion was a fun although not perfect expansion, more is needed to make BfA and future of WoW great again

In BfA professions have been split into parallel paths for each expansion. You won't have to have 1000 alchemy based on every past expansion to start making potions in some future expansion. My leveling and game world idea is also based on the concept of being expansion quantity neutral.

Short version:

DPS as a healer

According to warcraftlogs I'm number 8 in DPS world wide on Eonar among Mistweaver healers. Breaking the bonds of retail WoW class normalization - cool!

Extended options:

Leveling in group

Quests in vanilla were sparse, way harder and thus incentivized to work together without magic group auto-finders

Quality and not quantity

The feeling of overcoming a very tough challenge while barely hanging on makes you really engaged

Guild value

That's at least few epic mounts in value guildies dedicated to the good of the raid group and not for themselves. Plus being the guy in the guild with the crafting recipe is a big thing

Special options:

What's this?

What's this, a mysterious keg? What mysteries lay in it?

Class uniqueness

Class specific skills, lack of ability parity leads to eSports competitive imbalance, but fun and uniqueness for everyone else

Noob goes fishing

Noob goes fishing and finds out his work is rewarded and the gold is earned while not given or devalues by farming hardcores


Games, 5 December 2018, Piotr Maliński

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