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Making a Saturn/Jupiter monitoring setup

Last year brought us two captured Jupiter impacts (hit 1 hit 2). To catch such events you have to record in the right time and look at the image carefully. Doing standard planetary imaging that usually isn't going to happen. Even if I take AVIs for 6 hours the time covered on the AVIs will be much shorted. So there was a talk about amateur monitoring scopes... but nothing happened.

I'm thinking about creating such monitoring setup on my balcony. The minimal setup:
  • EQ3-2 SynScan or CG5 GT (guidable mount)
  • 5-6" scope
  • Guide camera/webcam and finderscope adapter (to guide on the planet)
  • Imaging webcam – 10 FPS should be ok. Best if it could stack/integrate few frames providing such speed.
  • Laptop to guide and save images
  • Software for analyzing all those few thousands of frames (Emil was working on something?)

Astronomy and Astrophotography, 11 March 2011, Piotr Maliński

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