New Raspberry Pi B+ brings fixes and few improvements

Accidentally (or not) a new revision of Raspberry Pi have leaked to the Matrix... web. The new revision is called Raspberry Pi B+ (the plus added). You get the same CPU, the same RAM, but 4 powered USB (as it requires 5V 2A power supply!), 40 GPIO pins (more!), and microSD instead of SD card slot.

Raspberry Pi B+

There is a nice datasheet on RS Components as well as on multiple blogs around the world already.

There are not official news about this model (Topic/posts got deleted on the RPi forum too) but as it leaked I suspect it will be announced shortly, maybe even tomorrow.

The new version/revision solves most annoying problems of the previous board. There is no big SD card, there is no need to use problematic powered HUBs to use any non-trivial USB device (assuming that what 2A is for in the power supply, PcDuino even for lowest models has that 5V/2A requirement too). Theoretically GPIO should also receive more power and if so it would be easier to use (directly power) small servo, stepper motors or relays that in many cases could not be directly powered from RPi pins (but they could from other, better powered boards).

Existing cases won't be compatible. Pin layout may cause some problems too (more of them and if they moved some - there may be problems). As the USB will be powered (quite likely) then it's just asking for a PyMCU board that would extend RPi with 5V GPIO as well as with ADC/DAC, more PWM, LCD support (as well as SPI/I2C/Serial but with old-school addressing scheme).


Raspberry Pi, mini computers, Android and microcontrollers, 14 July 2014, Piotr MaliƄski

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