Philips DLP2207 power supply for USB devices

Philips DLP2207 is a power supply, a mobile device USB charger capable of charging up to two devices connected via an USB cable. It offers 5V 2.1A, which is enough even for most power demanding devices, that can be charged via USB. You can find specification on the Philips website.

Philips DLP2207 power supply, charger
USB ports on the Philips DLP2207

We get a micro USB cable with the charger so it's ready to power a Raspberry Pi and alike computer. High power it offers (2.1 A where Rasberry was designed to require no more than 0.7 A) will allow it to power the Rasberry connected to even most demanding expansion boards (like Gertboard).

It also can be used to more obvious tasks as charging tablets, phones, and other mobile devices. You just need a USB cable that can be connected to it (assuming the device can be charged via USB).

After using it for some time I can say that it's quite handy and solid working power supply. It just works as it should. Nothing magical in it. Just works.

Micro USB cable connected to the power supply
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