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Point Grey Chameleon binning and max framerates clarification

Some of you using Point Grey Chameleon cameras may have noticed that binning and max frame rates available in FireCapture application aren't working as you would expect. After some investigation and contacting with Point Grey I solved the mystery ;)

Chameleon has average binning - that won't sum signal from 4 joined pixels, but it will just lower the noise. So using "bin2" + increased focal length to get 30 FPS for planetary imaging isn't a good option (as the signal isn't summed). However you can get 30 FPS (or maybe more?) without binning.

By default even with small ROI in FireCapture Chameleon will capture frames up to 25 FPS. To allow 30 FPS the camera must work in mode 2 (or 1, not the default mode 0). You can change modes in FlyCap (app that comes with Point Grey drivers), and this feature should be available in one of upcoming FireCapture beta builds.


Astronomy and Astrophotography, 19 April 2012, Piotr Maliński

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