QHY reveals list of their planetary cameras

QHY revealed full list of their planetary cameras (multipurpose cameras). They should be available for order next month. We get 14 bit A/D, optional TEC cooling, and new and sensitive CCDs compare to for example The Imaging Source cameras. QHY IMG0H and IMG2S looks like the hottest ones (QE of both is above 60%).

QHY IMG0H ICX618 Exview CCD 1/4" 640*480
QHY IMG2S ICX285 Exview CCD 2/3" 1360*1024
QHY IMG0S ICX204 1/3" 1024*768
QHY IMG1S ICX267 1/2" 1360*1024
QHY IMG0X ICX424 1/3" 640*480


Astronomy and Astrophotography, 9 August 2010, Piotr Maliński

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