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Two new cameras for solar system imaging

Last week I got two new cameras to test and use. Ximea xiQ (the small one below) is a USB3 fast machine vision camera equipped with e2v EV76C560 sensor (which I reviewed earlier in an IDS Imaging camera). The USB3 interface allows 1280x1024 at 60FPS capture. The base price for a camera set is around 333 EUR (camera, industry grade USB3 cable, USB3 PCI Express adapter). At such low price this camera is a real killer for solar and lunar imaging (planetary too).

Second one (the bigger black one below) is Tucsen sCMOS camera called Discovery M15. It's a real sCMOS sensor with a low price (around $405 plus shipping and duties). The sCMOS sensors has a low read noise of 3e, and quite good QE. Low read noise is very important in planetary imaging - as it's the main source of noise on short planetary exposures.

Ximea xiQ USB3 camera and Tucsen M15 sCMOS camera
Tests, images to follow soon :)

Astronomy and Astrophotography, 25 August 2012, Piotr Maliński

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