Venus night side 2010

Venus night side emission is well described and not so hard to catch with a CCD and a NIR filter. Winter apparition 2010/2011 was very favorable for this type of imaging as in winter Venus was at low phase on a dark sky. Amateurs and probably even more pros awaited November to catch the faint night side... As in astrophotography clouds broke a lot of imaging plans, as Europe was mostly cloudy through the winter.

I've managed to get one good image of the night side at 26 November 2010 with Basler Ace acA640-100gm, RG1000 filter and SCT 8" at f/10, 1 sec exposures. Using some post-processing of my friend I've got this:
Also Roman Vaňúr managed to catch Venus night using QHY5 and RG950 filter. Just noting that others use much more advanced setups including expensive and powerful cameras like QSI 504 or SBIG ST7-XME cameras.

Astronomy and Astrophotography, 9 January 2011, Piotr Maliński

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