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Very cheap Point Grey Firefly 0.3 cameras on ebay

On ebay a batch of very cheap Point Grey Firefly 0.3 mpix mono cameras showed up. Only $25 + shipping for a camera.

Sold model has a lens that would have to be removed. Update: you can remove the lens only and use SPC/TouCam webcam nosepiece adapter that will screw into the thread you get after unscrewing the lens. Aside of that it should be like any other Firefly 0.3 variant.

I've tested Firefly 0.3 in Solar System imaging. It does work, but it has one issue - low gain values. Due to low gain its very hard to take pictures of dim objects like Saturn. For Moon or Sun it's not a problem, but Saturn required maximal exposure time in FireCapture (~60 ms) and bright orange visual filter to get a good f/20 image.

At $25 it's very tempting "first-mono" real dedicated planetary camera. You can start with shooting mono luminance shots of planets with orange or red visual filters. There is no compression like in webcams so you can freely shoot even at max 60 FPS speed.


Astronomy and Astrophotography, 14 July 2012, Piotr Maliński

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