Very very very big sensors for lunar and solar imaging

CMOSIS CMV2000 and 4000 sensors didn't entered the market yet (in USB3 or GigE, Firewire 800 cameras) and even bigger sensors got announced. On cmosis site we can find informations about CMV12000 - a mono sensor with an APS-like diagonal (almost like in a DSLR - Canon etc.). CMV20000 is even bigger - 35mm diagonal. If you have a very big focal length and you want to avoid mosaics of the Sun or Moon such sensors may be a solution. 1" CMV4000 is priced around 700 EUR, CMV12000 - 2500 EUR, CMV20000 - 4000 EUR. Upcoming Basler and Ximea cameras with CMV4000 were initially priced around 1200-1800 EUR.


Astronomy and Astrophotography, 25 August 2012, Piotr MaliƄski

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