Aliexpress nettops for entry-level gaming

With desktop graphics card prices reaching the Moon and availability having constant problems players are looking for alternatives. Laptops seems to be somewhat reasonably priced, at least for the entry-level. There are also miniPCs, nettops, that are cheaper than laptops and some offer that entry level gaming performance with GTX 1650 or decent integrated graphics. In this overview I want to go over Aliexpress nettops capable of such entry-level gaming.

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Scripting Ximea machine vision cameras in Python with Flask and PyQt

Machine vision cameras are usually intended to be integrated into third party vision systems. This puts a requirement on camera makers to maintain a good set of APIs for their products so that so software developers can use their hardware easily. In this tutorial I'll showcase a PyQt5 and a web based simple imaging applications using Ximea Python API.

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Testing Ximea XiC MC023MG-SY camera with mono IMX174 sensor

Ximea is a machine vision company that makes a wide range of cameras from fast and small for vision applications to big cooled for more scientific and specialized use cases. In 2012 I've tested one of their cameras and now I've decided to check their progress by reviewing one of current cameras - USB3.1 MC023MG-SY camera with a mono IMX174 CMOS sensor.

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Numato and Pi Supply generic USB GPIO boards

Sometimes you need a simple GPIO connected via USB to your PC to do some automation, to read sensors or control some devices. It can also be handy on SBC like Raspberry Pi when you are running out of GPIO pins. In this article I'll look at Numato Lab and Pi Supply generic USB GPIO boards.

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Near-production hardware prototyping with TinkerForge brick stacks

TinkerForge is a near production hardware prototyping platform. It allows you to quickly create durable hardware stacks that can control motors, use sensors, inputs, displays and much more including working with high power devices. All of that is combined with excellent software stack and bindings for more than 15 programming languages.

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Cyberpunk Shotgun Smartass build

There is a lot of overpowered builds in Cyberpunk as there isn't that much balance here and there ;) This time around instead of annihilating 10 000 gang members at once with Contagion or Comrade Hammer I'm going to present you a Shotgun Smartass build - the goal is to pass most handy attribute checks in the game and have a fun, fast fluid (and of course overpowered) combat build.

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