Hardware, programming and astronomy tutorials and reviews.

Tutorial on how to play Abathur in Heroes of the Storm

Abathur, master of evolution and a specialist in Heroes of the Storm is one of the most unique heroes of HoTS or MOBA in general. His unique play style as well as multiple talent paths make him challenging yet very rewarding to play.

In this article I'll try to describe Abathur and his game play options.

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Testing DDR3 and DDR4 RAM performance on Linux

RAM is one of essential computer components. It holds executed program, its data and result. From RAM availability and performance depends how your computer will perform in general.

With the launch of Intel Skylake CPUs a new generation of RAM was introduced to the mainstream - DDR4. So let us take a look on modern DDR3 and DDR4 performance.

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Ember application structure

Ember.js applications are divided into multiple files and folders. All of which makes sense when we get to know what is where, so lets take a look on Ember application structure.

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Setting up ember-cli development environment with ember 2.1

In a series of tutorials starting with this one I'll try to showcase ember.js framework for building fronted web applications. As a backend there will be Django Rest Frameowork and more.

As times change and JavaScript frameworks don't just download to your static folder I'll start with setting up Ember.js development environment with ember-cli.

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Custom astronomical filters from Chroma and Optolong

If you wanted to try out narrowoband imaging in helium or neutral oxygen bands or may be some lunar petrographic imaging then it might be easier to get appropriate narrowband filters.

Chroma as well as Optolong can offer custom filters with characteristics required for such imaging. Chroma seems to be able to offer single quantity filters, while Optolong may be more interested in high quantity (but that may not always be the case).

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Check out PyCon PL 2015 agenda

The PyCon PL 2015 will be held in Hotel Ossa Congress & Spa located in Ossa on October 15th through October 18th. The conference is held in Poland but consists of two blocks of talks - English and Polish, so non-Polish speaking attendees can benefit from it too.

The agenda and other details can be found on the conference website.

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