Trying out PC-JMK5-Cool V-slot open PC case

V-slot aluminum profiles are used to construct various mechanical devices including CNC machines, thermal printers and more. There are also PC open case kits that can be adapted and extended to your desires. Let's take a look at what V-slot is and how a V-slot PC case looks like.

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Sesto Senso 2 motofocuser quick review

Sesto Senso 2 is a motofocuser designed by Primaluce Lab. In comparison to existing ones like those from ZWO or SkyWatcher the Sesto Senso does not use a mounting bracket making it compatible with a wider range of focusers. Lets have a look at the kit and how it performs.

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Benchmarking of astro-processing apps

Astrophotography can produce lots of data - wherever it's Solar System imaging creating multiple large AVI or SER files or lucky imaging with DS CMOS cameras on short exposures generating lots of large FITS files. When it comes to processing time can then become a big problem. Lets do some benchmarking of various processing tasks.

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Nvidia Modular diagnostic software - MODS

Nvidia MODS or Modular diagnostic software is an Nvidia internal set of tools for GPU diagnostic. Those tools did leak out and are now used by third party repair shops when troubleshooting broken GPUs. Lets take a look what MODS can do and how to use it.

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Analyzing ray traced shadows in World of Warcraft

Ray tracing in video games is a relatively new feature that is picking up momentum as more and more games are starting to implement it. This also includes World of Warcraft Shadowlands. Let's take a look at ray tracing features and how WoW implements them.

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