World of Warcraft Shadowlands performance analysis

World of Warcraft does not have any benchmark mode. This makes it hard to provide reliable data on the game performance in various content types it offers. And it pretty much must be done by an active player which excludes this games from most external reviews and benchmarks.

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World of Warcraft Shadowlands Beta GPU benchmarks

World of Warcraft isn't particularly GPU demanding game but it can be if you will want to set the settings high for the best assets quality and all of the particle effects present in the game. In comparison to CPU the game has a wide range of settings allowing you to tune the game down to perform on weaker GPUs.

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Generating video display outputs via USB with DisplayLink docking stations and dongles

Some laptops and other mobile devices may lack a display output or have one that does not support your target resolution and refresh rate like 4K at 60Hz. Same thing if you want to work on two external displays but having only one video output on a device. Since many years now a company named DisplayLink is making chips that create new video display outputs via plain USB (no need for Thunderbolt or USB-C with video pass-through). Let's look at how such dongles work.

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Radeon Memory Visualizer and GPU Profiler for non-developers

AMD has a set of tools aimed at developers to help them optimize their code to run efficiently on Radeon graphics cards. Those tools like Radeon Memory Visualizer and Radeon GPU Profiler can also be used by gamers and reviewers to check how their hardware is behaving and what is the actual resource usage.

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