Final Fantasy XIV benchmarks - CPU performance scaling

The are two key aspects of CPU performance in games - single and multi core performance. FF14 and most other games will have a main core on which all essential tasks will be run. Some other work, like related to managing frame rendering will be often sent to other CPU cores.

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Geiger counter for Arduino and smartphones versus uranium glass

Microcontrollers and even smartphones and their apps can use a wide array of sensors including those less obvious like Geiger counters. Simple Geiger counters can be used to showcase natural radioactivity of some objects like glass and ceramics doped with uranium compounds, old glowing in the dark clock dials and more.

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World of Warcraft on handheld and UMPC devices

With the release of Steam Deck handheld console there was a rise in interest of playing WoW and other games on the go on a handheld device. Such form factor devices are already available on the market although they are a bit of a niche, lets look at what's available.

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