Near-production hardware prototyping with TinkerForge brick stacks

TinkerForge is a near production hardware prototyping platform. It allows you to quickly create durable hardware stacks that can control motors, use sensors, inputs, displays and much more including working with high power devices. All of that is combined with excellent software stack and bindings for more than 15 programming languages.

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Cyberpunk Shotgun Smartass build

There is a lot of overpowered builds in Cyberpunk as there isn't that much balance here and there ;) This time around instead of annihilating 10 000 gang members at once with Contagion or Comrade Hammer I'm going to present you a Shotgun Smartass build - the goal is to pass most handy attribute checks in the game and have a fun, fast fluid (and of course overpowered) combat build.

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Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay tips and tricks

Cyberpunk 2077 has a lot of systems and it can be tricky to pick up what's cool, interesting or fun. In this tips list I want to point out some not so obvious mechanics, design decisions and handy options the game offers. It's not a build guide.

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Benchmarking Ryzen 5900X and RTX 3070 in WoW

With the release of new CPUs and GPUs from AMD and Nvidia gamers got a lot of new toys to play with. But does Ryzen 5900X and RTX 3070 actually can be used in WoW or does the game just won't be able to utilize them? Let's find out.

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Trying out PC-JMK5-Cool V-slot open PC case

V-slot aluminum profiles are used to construct various mechanical devices including CNC machines, thermal printers and more. There are also PC open case kits that can be adapted and extended to your desires. Let's take a look at what V-slot is and how a V-slot PC case looks like.

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