Diamanda Introduction

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This docs are for Diamanda Applications Set release 2008 Test 3. Diamanda is a set of Django applications that can be used together or more or less separately. Currently Diamanda has several apps:
  • Pages (diamandas/pages)
  • Forum MyghtyBoard (diamandas/myghtyboard)
  • Stats (diamandas/pagestats)
  • User Panel (diamandas/userpanel)
  • ContentBBCode Tag system (diamandas/cbcplugins, not a Django application)


Here is a list of extra python modules that Diamanda uses:
  • PIL -ContentBBCode
  • Pygments - ContentBBCode and MyghtyBoard (postmarkup)
  • python-openid (which needs elementree, yadis...)

How to start the dev server

  • Check settings.py - database settings (SQLite by default)
  • Create tables and superuser:
    python manage.py syncdb
  • Diamanda is ready to run:
    python manage.py runserver 8080

Diamanda Applications Set, 14 July 2008

Check out the new site at https://rkblog.dev.
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