June planetary camera news in a flash

New Ximea cooled cameras, cooled iNova cases or the truth about Atik GP revealed! :)

Few days ago Ximea announced a new line of cameras equipped with Sony CCDs and (optional) Peltier cooling. New Ximea xiD cameras are equipped with USB3 interface and recent Sony CCD sensors, many of which we will also see in DS imaging cameras from Atik and other vendors. Fast framerate, subframe support (ROI) and cooling would give a truly 2in1 planetary and DS imaging camera. As the world is brutal you would have to pay for such camera a lot. The prices are very close or higher than matching Atik camera with the same CCD (like ~1700 EUR for ICX674 model).

French creator of iNova cameras presented final version of its cooled cases for its cameras. The Peltier allows efficient cooling at a price of around 170 EUR plus shipping. What's cool too is that you can use it on existing cameras.

Some time ago I've mentioned Atik GP camera equipped with Sony ICX445 just like Point Grey Chameleon. It turns out that it's actually a Chameleon. Atik rebranded the camera, but did not change the Vendor and Product IDs so its drivers can recognize any PGR Chameleon as Atik GP unless you have PGR Flycap installed (may be handy for guiding). In European shops Atik GP prices are nearly identical to Chameleon prices, around 420 EUR gross.

And for all CMOS lovers out there - ZWO is launching USB3 ASI120 cameras soon. First tests starting now!.


Astronomy and Astrophotography, 29 June 2014, Piotr MaliƄski

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