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punBB and Wordpress integration plugin

Wordpress plugin that integrates punBB user system with wordpress.

This wordpress plugin integrates punBB user system. punBB user operations like login or register are handled by wordpress. Get the plugin: and proceed with installation.
define('PUNPATH', '../punbb'); // path
define('PUNPREFIX', 'pun_'); // table prefix
header('Location: http://www.url/do/wordpress/wp-login.php?action=register');
header('Location: http://www.url/do/wordpress/wp-login.php');
if ($action == 'change_pass')
header('Location: http://www.url/do/wordpress/wp-admin/profile.php');
Plugin is installed and ready.

punBB login/cookie problems

Sometimes they may be some problems with autologin to punBB when you login to Wordpress. If forum and WP are in differend subdomains etc. then edit punBB config.php and set $cookie_domain and, or $cookie_path to your domain name.

4 August 2011;

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