CBC syntax and helpers

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ContentBBCode tags available in Diamanda are used in the Content (pages) application.

Default ContentBBcode Tags

[ rk :art slug="ARTSLUG" ]
Will insert a link to existing article using its title and description

[ rk :h id="1-4" ] text here [ /rk :h ]
Will insert a h1-h4 headline with CSS styles, links-labels.

[ rk :syntax lang="LANGNAME" ] code [ /rk:syntax ]
Will highlight the code with Pygments. Possible LANGNAME: text, python, xml, html, ruby, perl and others.

[ rk :thumb src="SITE_KEY/filename" ]
Will insert a image with a thumb and JS image viewer. Images should be stored in: /site_media/resources/SITE_KEY/.
(tags should be without the spaces by [] and in "rk :")

Diamanda Applications Set, 14 July 2008

Check out the new site at https://rkblog.dev.
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