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How to get a wikipedia (mediawiki) page content

This code will extract the content of any mediawiki wiki page:

from httplib import HTTPConnection
from re import findall, DOTALL

def wiki(slug):
	#connect to a wikipedia (mediawiki) site (Polish)
	conn = HTTPConnection("pl.wikipedia.org")
	#get page by slug
	conn.request('GET', '/wiki/'+slug)
	r = conn.getresponse()
	if str(r.status) == '200':
		#extract content
		tags = findall( r'<!-- start content -->(.*?)<!-- end content -->', r.read().decode('utf-8'), DOTALL)
		tags = tags[0].replace('href="/wiki', 'href="http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki').replace('href="/w/', 'href="http://pl.wikipedia.org/w/')
	return tags

print wiki('Linux')
Needs some error handling but you get the picture ?


Python programming, 14 July 2008, Piotr Maliński

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