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Browser based RPG game in Django

I've started to code some parts of a browser based RPG game in Django some time ago, and it's getting really nice. Currently there are autogenerated fights and character statistics/inventory. Tile based maps (like this) are on their way. The code isn't available at the moment but it will be when I'll finish the maps more or less and polish the templates/code (add i18n, and so on). The ease of use of Django models is really useful in this project as it allows to easily implement needed flexibility (item model has a relation to effect model which describes every effect the item has like damage or armor class bonus. When a character equips such item all effects are assigned to the character and denormalised to get character final stats). Premade maps (few tiles) can be described with JSONs objects in the Admin Panel - zones of movement (x,y boxes), spawn points, actions points (and what's the action etc) and so on :) It won't super long and complex code, but it will make a good based for RPG browser games ;)


Django web framework tutorials, 12 May 2009, Piotr Maliński

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