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Diamanda 2008.07 Test 2 Released

You can download second Test/Beta release of Diamanda 2008. Compared to Test 1 there is a lot of changes in the code.

  • Prefix, moderators and anonymous support in forums. Marking topics as solved.
  • Main Page (and RSS) feed of new and updated entries (pages and posts by default)
  • OpenID support (you can login by openID, then do a quick registration with no passwords. OpenID user will be auto-logged on his Django account.)
  • Few minor changes in all components
In the next 1-2 weeks Test 3 will be released, and after a week a Final release of Diamanda 2008 will be made. Test 3 will contain fixes and few unfinished features (polishing OpenID, content submission, text captcha)


Django web framework tutorials, 14 July 2008, Piotr Maliński

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