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Django-SVN site upgrade

I've upgraded my sites to be Django-SVN compatible, and to fix/add some components. Comments can now be added by anonymous. As for 0.96 -> SVN code upgrade I had to solve a lot of unicode errors (as I use non ASCII Polish language). Sad thing is that I didn't noticed any new features that I can use. I have pyif template tag waiting as Django if tag can't compare < > so I'm unable to check if there are new posts in forums for current user. Yes, Django templates ARE limited, and Django developers should make them more flexible, even if they don't like logic in templates ( “ifequal” is good but if “a < b” is not?). There is a lot of Django components out there, and some of them should go into core django as add-on modules etc...


Django web framework tutorials, 14 July 2008, Piotr Maliński

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