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HTML5 and other Django updates on my sites

I'm not a front-end designer but I wanted to jump on the HTML5 boat a bit. Previously I had XHTML layout based on 960.gs grid. I've decided to changed few things a bit and also change the XHTML to HTML5 by using some new basic tags like "article", "aside", "figure", "footer", as well as roles or schema to mark the breadcrumbs (that as Google says is supported by few search engines, although Google got my breadcrumbs before too).

And also as I use Google+ I've added the authorship link, and fb:admins meta tag for Facebook (to see if it will add something to the FB likes or other stuff).

The current layout doesn't use CSS3 (yet?) nor newer CSS frameworks. I've sicked to 960.gs for simplicity. The design didn't changed much. Some boxes were reorganised and content model got few extra fields. I've used some inspiration from grey WP theme, and HTML5 tags in action were nicely shown in HTML5 template by jayj.dk.

ToDo is to update the django-grappelli to the latest version, as well as add django-ajax-selects for the "related articles" multiple select widget.

Will it improve content indexing by search engines or SERP position time will tell. To the eye the layout is more clear and logic with those new tags. There is "article" and no div with some id.


Django web framework tutorials, 7 August 2011, Piotr Maliński

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