Improving PostgreSQL support in Django with the help of Kickstarter crowd-funding

Some may already know about this - on Kickstarter there is a fund raising for implementing improved PostgreSQL support in Django. Marc Tamlyn is in the lead and at this very moment there are 25 days to go and the project is already reaching extended goals. It looks like we will see another crowd-funding project successful, making Django better. First one - the Django migrations is on its way for a release with Django 1.7.

The project aims to implement django.contrib.postgres module with support for PostgreSQL types such as hstore, json, array, enum, interval, int4range, tsrange and alike, or uuid. Aside of that there will be full text search support with tsvector.

Among extended goals we already have one - improved data lookups (to get something like field__year__lte). The project should also easily reach 7500 GBP for second extended goal - improved and extended range of available of lookups including string and mathematical operations.

At 10 000 GBP we will get custom indexes support (including GIN indexes as well as functional indexes allowing for example index a date column by year). Last goal at 14 000 will give views and materialized views support for PostgreSQL and other database backends.

If you would want to see those features available and supported by Django - contribute to the project on Kickstarter.


Django web framework tutorials, 16 February 2014, Piotr MaliƄski

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