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Integrating registration from social sites with RPXnow

Using RPXnow services to integrate Djang user system with OpenID, Facebook, Twitter and other social sites.

RPXnow is a service that enables users to use their OpenID, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Blogger, Myspace or other accounts to login/register on any site that use it. In the free version you can choose up to 6 providers, and in the paid one 12 (plus more features in the RPX APIs).

Setup RPXnow account

You have to register on RPXnow and create an application setting its name, and the important part - allowed domains. When you create such app you can choose providers to use

Some providers need some setup (like Facebook), which is described on the rpxnow pages.

When you create an app it will receive an API key - you will need it to call rpxnow API methods. Put it in settings.py for example :)

How it works?


Example code

We need a backend for loggin in user with RPX in AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS and a model for the user-identifier relation. Below is my implementation, but you can also check django-rpx.


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