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It's time for some Python GPIO programming with Raspberry Pi and pyMCU

Raspberry Pi

Mini computer like Raspberry Pi or a board with a microcontroller called pyMCU allow us to use various electronic components via GPIO headers. Using some Python code we can turn on a LED, write some text to an LCD display or even make a robot, digitize signal from various sensors.

In the upcoming weeks and months I'm planning various Raspberry and pyMCU related articles describing my GPIO codding. For Raspberry some addons are already on the list - Gertboard, 4D Systems display (uLCD-24-PTU-PI), some leds, buttons, numeric keyboards, LCDs and stuff like that.

Gertboard and some other goodies
Doing some benchmarks on Raspberry


Python programming, 5 May 2013, Piotr Maliński

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