JobMaster - my new Django powered website (Polish)

Today I've launched my new startup website which is a job offer "search engine" that grabs them from various Polish sites from the HR branch. The application is Django based and it's quite simple. It uses GeoIP-Python to preselect user region, and city if there are offers for his city. Whoosh allows full-text searches, and blipy library - sending notifications about new jobs offers on (like twitter). A the backed side - few sites offer APIs for indexing their job offers, and for the rest re.findall is used ;) For sanitizing HTML in the job offers (like Word tags) I'm using html2text to make it plain-text, and then markdown to make it HTML again - the core elements are preserved (lists, headers) but the rest of the crap (Word tags, styles for custom templates) is gone :)


Django web framework tutorials, 22 July 2009, Piotr Maliński

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