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MyghtyBoard 2012 first beta available - a simple and handy Django forum application

After a long time I've found some time to release the current version of the forum app I'm using. It's named "MyghtBoard" and the test-version looks like so:


You can download the code from the project site either from ZIP file or from SVN. This is a first release after a while so it may contains some bugs.

The application consist of forum categories, which contain forums. Each forum has its own topic and topics have posts. Topics may also be global - shown in every forum, or sticky - always on top of the forum. Forums may also use tags - admin selected tags that users will be able to choose for their topics (or filter topics by tags). Topics may be moved to other forums, locked/unlocked, solved/unsolved and so on...

If you want to implement MyghtyBoard into your own app then you need to copy/paste it (best to copy as diamandas/myghtyboard), and then start hacking the forum templates to use your own. Links aren't hardcoded so you can attach it to other urls that /forum/. Also your user profile must have a field like the "last_visit" to show new posts/topics.


Django web framework tutorials, 13 February 2012, Piotr Maliński

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