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PlushCMS - simple CMS system

Quick introduction to PlushCMS - Polish simple CMS system written in Python and Django

PlushCMS is a CMS application written in Python with the help of Django. The project is run by two Polish developers.

To start using PlushCMS you just need to get the sources (GPL3) from GitHub, configure settings.py and that's it. It's not a Wordpress replacement yet, but still it's simple and quick to setup.

Get the sources from GitHub:
git clone https://github.com/plushcms/PlushCMS.git
Under Linux and similar OS you need to rename the CMS folder to not use capital letters, to "plushcms". Then you can start editing settings.py: The Admin Panel looks like usuall:
In Menus you can create Main menu to get a top horizontal menu on the site.

Django web framework tutorials, 9 July 2011,

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