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Upgrading Diamanda to Django-SVN

In the last few days I have been updating code of my sites to be more Django-SVN compatible, and to clean few things. Things that have been done:

  • Removed auto_now and auto_now_add as they will be gone (read here about it).
  • Renamed maxlength to max_length in models and oldforms forms
  • migrating from oldforms to newforms – boxcomments for now only :) newforms are much "bigger" than oldforms and "how to make this in newforms" takes some time.
  • Added |safe in templates where it's needed to show HTML
  • Some time ago – make it work after UTF branch merged :)
Plus code clean-up :) a lot of cleaning with imports, comments, and removed some unneeded "features". When all work will be done (newforms in Forum-Myghtyboard and other components) a new Diamanda release will go public.


Django web framework tutorials, 14 July 2008, Piotr Maliński

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